Connect. Automate. Invent.

Chain together APIs as if they are Lego blocks
arranging them into service based apps

It’s bigger than just connections

Create services, automate work, move data and much more

Messaging apps are taking over and these are entirely API-driven and event-driven.

Stamplay lets you build and host engaging bots for your brand. Increase your reach fast without any code required.

Need a hand? Contact us for help with your bot.

High Value Integrations in a few clicks

Stamplay makes insanely quick and easy to automate powerful workflows by linking your tools together.

Streamline sales process and grow your business without the need for coding or getting developers involved.

APIs & Apps

Build APIs and apps faster. Focus on the product, save time and ship a high-quality, bug-free app.

Stamplay provides tools, infrastructure and integrations that you can mix-and-match to fit your needs with its intuitive APIs.

Save Time

We solve for you all the complexity around working APIs, including authentication, formatting data, and deployment. Do in minutes what used to take weeks or months.

Sky is the limit

We avoid organizations to be limited by their technology. Support HR processes, streamline your sales activities, and orchestrate your tools.

A growing community

Thousands of developers — from tinkerers to full-stack engineers — are building on Stamplay & contributing to the community.

The most advanced platform to build with APIs