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User Auth & Security

User Auth & Security

Run code serverless

Run Code Serverless

Instant REST API

Instant REST API

Full managed on AWS

Fully Managed on AWS

Built-in Integrations

Built-in Integrations

CDN powered hosting

CDN Powered Hosting

Integrate with Any API

Build faster and orchestrate every service you need in your project
Add server side logic

Create workflows connecting services like email, payments, realtime, ID, CRM, analytics, SMS, and more.
Power your app with the best in class services in no time.

Add microservice-like functionality to your app

Run code for virtually any type of application or backend service and have it available over API - all without having to provision or manage servers.

Execute custom business logic on each Stripe Payment, Data update or User signup. Use Code Blocks to perform data filtering, or other transformations for every input that is passed by a trigger or an API request.

Build with your library of choice

Choose the right tools for your unique projects. We're Open Source! Help contribute to our code on Github.


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Do in minutes what used to take weeks or months.

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Stop reinventing the wheel, focus on what's unique to your project.

Less debugging

Build on top of an already well tested system that always works.

Scales with you

When your app scales, we make sure your infrastructure does too.

"Stamplay allowed us to create an app that automates a lot of the vetting process we currently do manually."

Tushar Bhushan