Pre-built project templates to save time, eliminate building errors
and help in getting your apps talk to each other.
Intercom user mood analyzer

Put IBM Watson powerful AI to work to find customers that are mad at you. With this blueprint you can track Intercom conversations and trigger alerts on Slack in case the users' mood is bad.

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Slack Sales prospector

Find key contacts at a company from Slack and look them up by role. Save hours of prospecting through LinkedIn that makes the sales process so inefficient.

Smart Digital Asset Manager

Keep your pictures organized and make them easier to find inside Box. Automatically enriches pictures with metadata and organize them in folders in Box.

In-Slack Watson translator

Create a Slack command that will let you and your team mates to translate messages in Slack using the power of IBM Watson Translator.

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Unbounce lead organizer

Separate Unbounce leads based on whether or not their used a personal email address. Organize leads on different Mailchimp lists and custom audiences tailored for consumers or corporate leads.

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Intercom User Profiles Enricher

Enrich users in Intercom and send finely-targeted on-boarding messages, uniquely onboard customers by location, company size, or job role and supercharge your A/B testing.

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Unbounce/Twilio Callback page

Fast track your warmest leads with direct phone call that is automatically started from your Unbounce landing page.

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Pipedrive to Box deal organizer

Automatically creates Box folder structure with tags and metadata from Pipedrive deals and notifies your team on Slack.

Mailchimp / FB Audience Sync

Target your MailChimp subscribers on Facebook with Facebook Custom Audiences. This blueprint syncs a Facebook Custom Audience with a list in your MailChimp account.