Speed and Agility

What is it?

Agile, is a fast and iterative approach to adopting new ways of working. In IT, Agile development means that small teams are given autonomy and accountability for creating a capability. Whereas Waterfall development works sequentially through phases, Agile works iteratively and rapidly.

What is it important?

Agile dramatically increases a team’s or an entire company’s ability to react to change, both internally and externally.

How do winning companies use it?
  • Empower business teams to use tech-first solutions in operations
  • Avoid “planning paralysis” in adopting new methods or technologies
  • Reduce time-to-value cycles and project failure rates

How does Stamplay use it?

Stamplay platform enables operations teams to leverage Agile principles to change the way work is done. Automation can be added iteratively to minimize disruption and component reuse ensures rapid, high-quality deployments.

Key concepts

Automate your business now

Streamline operations and improve productivity by 10X