Artificial Intelligence

What is it?

AI gives machines the ability to learn, reason, and understand. It uses historical data and realtime human action to train algorithms to do work the same way a person would – only faster and without errors. AI is branch of computer science, and Machine Learning is the mature branch of AI that is used today by leading businesses.

What is it important?

Before AI, engineers had to write rules for machines, and machines could only execute discreet tasks using coded rules. With AI, machines learns rules from data generated by a business, which reduces IT effort, allows automation to tackle more complex work, and elevates people to more advanced work and exceptions handling.

How do winning companies use it?
  • Automating unstructured data work, like invoice data entry in P2P
  • Answering service inquiries invoice and chat conversations
  • Enriching data and automating work, like organizing large set of images

How does Stamplay use it?

By bringing together any AI API with enterprise systems, Stamplay makes AI a superpower for the enterprise by automating the preparation of training data, selecting the right algorithm, and deploying it in the form of intelligent automation.

Key concepts

Automate your business now

Streamline operations and improve productivity by 10X