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  • Connect 100+ APIs
  • Rerun Flows
  • Scheduled Flows
  • Flows History
  • Realtime integrations
  • Core APIs & SDKs
  • 5 Code Blocks
  • Hosting, Custom Domain & SSL
  • Email & Chat Support

Price is per project. Price scales based on traffic volumes


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  • All project functionality
  • Unlimited Projects & Flows
  • Project Recipes
  • Implementation Services
  • Team Collaboration
  • API Builder
  • Enterprise Gateway
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Phone, Chat and Email Support

One year long minimum subscription.


What are Flows?

A Flow is a workflow built on Stamplay. Each Flow contains a set of steps and describes how your apps will work together. Each Flow contains a 'trigger' and a set of 'actions'. A ‘trigger’ describes when the recipe starts. 'Actions' will then be run when the trigger fires. For example, when a new account is created in Salesforce [trigger], create a new customer in QuickBooks [action]. When you start a recipe, data is moved automatically whenever the trigger event is detected. It runs in the background until you manually stop your recipe.

What is Real-time integration?

Real-time integration is only available with cloud apps that support webhooks. For these apps, your triggers get processed whenever the event happens.

What is API builder?

API builder is an extremely powerful feature to create new powerful APIs by combining multiple ones and expose it a a simple URL. This enables customers to trigger Flows from anywhere rather is an custom app, a mobile app or a webform.

What are Core APIs?

Core APIs are a powerful out of the box set of APIs for more technical users that need to build end-to-end application. Core APIs offer user authentication, social login, role based access control, data storage and webhooks. SDKs are also available to use core APIs easily.

What is Flow history?

Everytime your Flows run, they have been“executed once. Stamplay let you inspect and debug your Flows by showing the history, step by step, of all the executions of your Flows.

What are implementation services?

Setting up your first Flows with Stamplay takes less than 10 minutes. However, it happens that users need to build projects that require specific understanding of the problem and Stamplay. As we are fully committed to your success, business package comes with the customer services needed to make sure you hit the ground running. This roughly equates to 5 hour of time with an implementation specialist. Enterprise customers will have custom packages for implementation, training, and ongoing support.

What are Project Recipes?

A project recipe is an template of a ready-to-go project that can be shared and re-used across your organization. For example if you’ve built a personal productivity project that enrich an image information using Clarifai and upload it automatically on your Box account, other people in the company can use the same recipe so they don’t have to build it themselves.

When will I get billed?

Monthly payments will begin the day you create or upgrade to your first paid plan, and will continue to be billed on the same day each month (eg. if you sign up on 15th January you will be billed immediately for one month, then again on the 15th of each subsequent month). Annual payments will begin the day you create your first paid plan, and will continue to be billed on the same day each year.

What are the differences between business support?

You will receive email responses within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm PST, except holidays. More information on our support plans can be found here.

“Stamplay allows our sales teams to demonstrate the concrete value Cisco delivers in the context of the customers' environment. 

We can integrate Cisco APIs with the client's actual systems and we literally do it right in front of their eyes.”

With Stamplay we can integrate Cisco with the client's actual systems and we literally do it right in front of their eyes.”

- Enrico Mercadante, EMEA Sales, Cisco