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How it works

1. Pick components

These building blocks let you get things done. They perform specialized jobs like user management, form creation, sending emails, social networks and other services integrations. Stop reinventing the wheel or messing with tons of everchanging APIs.

2. Define the backend logic

Define the backend logic of your app without writing code. Combine components with an "If this then that" approach by defining simple rules like "When a user registers, then send him an email" or "When a user submits this form, add him to my Mailchimp list".

3. Enjoy frontend coding

Now your app is deployed and running, it's your turn to focus on the client side.
Develop the front-end of your web app using your favorite frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone or Ember connecting it with the APIs Stamplay generated for you.

What has been built with us

Our users are developers of all skill levels with one thing in common: great ideas for apps!


"Hot or Not for outfits. Stamplay was perfect for us on building the app from the bottom - up: everything from user management, game mechanics, photo storage, social actions and real time notifications."
- Charlotte, CEO Outfitwars

Hacker news clone

See how you can easily create a clone of the popular news site in less than 30 mins with some client-side code and our powerful API. Prepare to be amazed and see the tutorial"


A Facebook app to engage visitors in taking selfies with artworks and share those pics in a gallery where other users can vote and share them.

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